"Nothing is ever a problem"

I am a site manager for one of the largest house builders in the country and have work with numerous appliance supply and fit company’s but I will always rate LW Coles as one of the best I work with and will always have them on my sites due to the fact that they are always on time / clean and nothing is ever a problem what more could you ask I wish more company’s was like this

Taylor Wimpey


"Without doubt my first choice"

I have worked together with LW Cole on a number of new build developments. Day to day processes are quick and relatively easy to manage, however on more challenging developments is where they come into their own, Both sales and scheduling departments are extremely helpful and ensure fast solutions are found with any issues. I feel that working with LW Coles is not that of supplier and customer but more of a team effort working together to get things right, which is not always easy on a fast paced complex project with tight deadlines. Without doubt my first choice.

Mark Burnett

Linden Homes


"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your help for this year"

I hope this finds you all well and you are ready for the break. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your help for this year, your support and help throughout has been appreciated. Too often in our industry thank you isn’t said enough, and we all get wrapped up (pardon the pun) in the day to day challenges we all face, so I, like my team feel it’s important to take a minute and see what’s been achieved and the difference you’ve made for not just us but the end user our customers we are not just a housebuilder but a developer of communities and if you are anything like me I still drive past sites that I managed years ago and point them out to my children and anyone who listens that I had been a part of that. At the end of the day, we spend more time with each other than we do our own families, so we need to remember to help each other where you can. So, to close off 2023 ,it’s a big thank you from me and my team keep doing what you do, and we can go into a very busy 2024 and in true vistry fashion make that a success.

Andy Pearce

Vistry Homes


"We have used L W Cole over a number of years and found their service exceptional"

As a company we have used L W Cole over a number of years and found their service exceptional from when we programme the works to fitting and the aftercare we get a conformation email or phone call from the girls confirming the dates they keep us informed of any issues there are which are soon resolved.

John Mouser

Croudace Homes


"You and your team are our customer service heroes "

Can I just say a great big thank you on behalf of Redrow North West. You and your team always go above and beyond when we need help and advice. No matter how busy you are, you find the time to give your expert opinion and even when you are picking up issues from other contractors who no longer work for Redrow, you will still help to assist our homeowners and without you we could not resolve these incidents. You listen to what is needed and whatever it takes, you will find the best solution, you and your team are our customer service heroes

Deb at North West CS Partnerships



"The staff at L W Cole are not only professional but also exceptionally pleasant to work with"

In my experience L W Cole exemplifies excellence as a company to work with. Their commitment to outstanding customer service sets them apart from other contractors in the same field. Always ensuring a positive and reliable partnership. The staff at L W Cole are not only professional but also exceptionally pleasant to work with. Their “can-do” attitude, constantly shines through in their approach to resolving queries, making them a reliable and proactive partner.

Diane Swatton



"I would highly recommend the service they provide"

Working with L W Cole’s over the last 6 years has been a tremendous successful experience. Over that period of time working for one of the country’s leading house developers the relationship between myself and all the staff that I have had the opportunity & pleasure to work with at L W Cole’s has always been highly productive helping to maintain our 5 star status every year. Working closely with our particular division and my site team, playing their part in helping us to secure 3 NHBC pride in the jobs and 2 seal of excellence awards which is a reflection of the dedication and hard work by all at L W Cole’s. I would highly recommend the service they provide based on my own personal interactions and achievements we have worked so hard to achieve together.

David Fletcher

David Wilson Homes


"I wouldn't work with any other company"

I have been working with Coles with various developers for years and quite frankly it’s an absolute pleasure. Sue Chapman, Lisa Addis, David Jones, Jayne Harris and Dawn Guy being some of the stand out names who go out of their way to help us get over issues and tight deadlines to hit our house completion CML’s and customers happy once they move in. I wouldn’t work with any other company Coles Appliances are a fantastic company with all round lovely and professional people who work for them.

Richard Gerrett

Vistry Homes


"I can honestly say, what a lovely company, so great to work with them!"

I have had L W Cole as my appliance suppliers on a few sites I have worked on and I can honestly say, what a lovely company, so great to work with them! Always wanting to go above and beyond to cater for the site needs. Everyone I speak to by phone is so happy, helpful and friendly. Really helps brighten your day dealing with upbeat and bubbly people. I would like to thank L W Cole for such a great service.

Becky McMullin

Countryside Partnerships


"No problems or complaints regarding Coles"

Perfect!…& that Doreen is exactly why we have no problems or complaints regarding Coles!!! Proactive & conscientious…sadly not all are following suit! ☹

Liz Lynch

Mulberry Homes